January 12, 2024

5 Benefits of Center-Based ABA Therapy for Children with Autism

When it comes to choosing the best autism therapy for your child, navigating through the various options can feel overwhelming. One common and effective form of therapy is Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Therapy. This science-backed therapy is all about using play-based learning to make a real impact, especially when it comes to enhancing the daily lives of children with autism and other developmental challenges.

“Good intervention partnered with the time to grow and develop makes a huge difference for children with autism.” – Dr. Jaqui Otto, Clinical Psychologist at InBloom Autism Services

Just as important as the skills your child is learning through therapy is the setting where they’re learning them. When it comes to ABA Therapy there are many settings to choose from: in-center, in-home, and or in-school. In-center therapy, also referred to as center-based, stands out for its unique advantages tailored to meet the specific needs of each child and their family.

Here are 5 key benefits of center-based ABA Therapy for children with Autism:

1. Social Interaction

With in-center ABA Therapy children have the unique opportunity to practice social skills in a safe and enjoyable environment. Social and peer interaction is a key part of child development, and these learning centers provide a fun and engaging environment for children to learn, share, and communicate with other children on the spectrum. The natural play-based atmosphere fosters organic social skill development, helping children build connections that extend beyond the 1-on-1 therapy sessions!

2. Skill Generalization

Generalization is a crucial part of ABA Therapy. It means ensuring that the child can apply the skills they are learning across various environments and circumstances. In a center-based therapy program like the ones we offer at our InBloom Autism Learning Centers (see all locations), children practice and generalize their skills in different settings with the guidance and support of their therapists. This holistic approach reinforces the transferability of skills, allowing children to apply what they’ve learned in therapy to real-life situations. This not only helps them adapt to new environments but also promotes long-term success and independence.

3. Increase Independence

With most therapy treatment plans, one of the goals is to teach fundamental life skills so children can become more self-sufficient in their daily routines. Targeting essential daily living skills like eating, dressing, and toilet training to name a few. The in-center environment is specifically designed to encourage and reinforce these skills, promoting a sense of accomplishment and boosting the child’s overall confidence.

4. Structured Environment

The structured environment of a center-based ABA Therapy program is created to fit the unique needs of each child. This customization allows therapists to create the best learning environment, enhancing the child’s focus and engagement. The structured setting also creates a clear and consistent routine that is still fun for the child. This predictability or set of routines is particularly beneficial for children with autism. It helps the child feel a sense of security and comfort when they know what to expect, fostering an ideal environment for learning and growth.

5. Classroom Setting

Center-based ABA Therapy often incorporates classroom settings into daily therapy, helping the child improve their learning readiness skills. This structured educational approach helps children acclimate to a classroom setting, preparing them for elementary school and beyond. The Learning Readiness Program within InBloom’s learning centers focuses on foundational skills such as circle time, turn-taking, following directions, and so on- setting the stage for a smoother transition to school and academic success.

Starting Your ABA Therapy Journey

In your pursuit of the best therapy plan for your child with autism, it is important to prioritize the environment in which they learn. By doing so, you are providing them with the tools and support they need to succeed. The holistic approach that in-center therapy provides not only empowers the child but also the entire family to collaborate with the therapists to help the child reach their full potential!

Want to learn more about our center-based ABA therapy programs? Find a Learning Center near you to schedule a tour!

InBloom Autism Services specializes in early intervention ABA Therapy. Our Therapists undergo training to develop a curriculum specifically designed for children aged 5 and under with autism. Our Learning Centers also offer a safe and enjoyable environment for children to interact with their peers. Learn more about our ABA Therapy program!

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