Shop InBloom!

We’ve partnered with Teespring, an American social commerce platform to design high-quality InBloom branded items and apparel. In order to keep items high quality, at reasonable cost, customers can go to our shop and pick out items while working directly with Teespring every step of the way. Before shopping, check out some Frequently Asked Questions listed below. We hope you enjoy!

How Does It Work?

The InBloom Store works just like any other online apparel store. Pick out what you would like to purchase and Teespring will handle the rest! CLICK HERE for more information about how Teespring works.

What If My Order Is Wrong?

Teespring handles all the printing, shipping, and customer service elements of our Store and they’re dedicated to making it right if an order comes back wrong. CLICK HERE if you need to work with them on a replacement!

Will There Be Specials Or Sales?

Occasionally! We have worked with Teespring to get costs down as much as possible on every item, but once in a while we’ll be able to offer specials or sales depending on the item. When that happens we’ll be sure to let you know!

Will There Be New Designs Or Items?

Absolutely! We’re going to continue to expand the items we offer and the variety of designs over time as Teespring adds new products. We’ll send out email alerts when those new items are live!