February 8, 2024

A Mother’s Journey Through Autism Diagnosis and ABA Therapy

Navigating an Autism Diagnosis


Each journey with autism is unique, but there’s a shared element that ties them all: the determination of loving parents. Like this special mom, who shares her experience with other parents also navigating an autism diagnosis. From the moment she learned about her son’s diagnosis to finding a community of support. This video testimonial shares it all. Today, her son is thriving and off to new adventures in elementary school, after graduation from our ABA Therapy program designed just for his specific needs! Watch now.

Thank you, Ashley, for sharing your family’s story of navigating an autism diagnosis and allowing InBloom Autism Services to be a part of your son’s journey!


InBloom Autism Services specializes in early intervention ABA Therapy. Our Therapists undergo training to develop a curriculum specifically designed for children aged 5 and under with autism. Our Learning Centers also offer a safe and enjoyable environment for children to interact with their peers. Learn more about our ABA Therapy program!