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There’s a lot of news and information that impacts the autism community. Join our crew of behavior analysts as they dive into noteworthy developments, tackle important topics facing many in the community, and provide support and insights as to why we do the things we do.Questions? Comments? Feel free to send us an e-mail at

  • Alex and Lainey take some time to reflect on and discuss the many ways in which autism has appeared in the media. Then, they chat with Derrick to hear his perspective on the subject. 

  • This one's for all our students, RBTs, and BCBAs out there! 
    In our first Training Pod, Tara and Danielle breakdown the functions of behavior. 
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  • Alex and Lainey take a look back on Autism Awareness month and some of the ways they saw representation. Then, they take a dive into what's on everybody's mind: What does an ABA session look like from the inside? Also — we get some callers trying to give us their quickest description of what an RBT does! 
    Welcome to InDevelopment.

  • In our very first episode, we break down the very basics of Applied Behavior Analysis, plus we make some sense of everything that's been happening with proposed changes to the Florida Medicaid rate. Lastly, being an ABA expert sounds like it'd be useful at home, but what happens when your significant other also knows how to apply those same skills your way? Welcome to InDevelopment.

    Interested in some of the articles and books we discussed? Here are some links to the Baer, Wolf, & Risley piece, as well as “The Cooper Book.”

    Seven Dimensions of Behavior Analysis
    The Cooper Book